Avinash Patnaik and Mausomi Das Love End

In Mumbai few days back one Rich Boy From Orissa done a Suicide because He was in love with one famous Model of Mumbai.

Moon Das is model in Mumbai and both she and Avinash Patnaik loved each other.Avinash was very rich from Orissa.Avinash often used to come to Mumbai just for Moon Das by driving car from 2000km from Orissa to Mumbai.Avinash used to spent nearly 1,00,000Rs for Moon Das because he loved her truely.Moon Das was staying with his uncle in Mumbai but often spent whole night with Avinash.They used to enjoy lot.But some bad habits of Moon Das was unliked by Avinash.Though they both love each other,Moon Das used to roam with other boys till late night.Avinash told her not to do like this but she didnt listen to him.One day Avinash came to know that Moon Das is just doing time pass with him and she is just keeping relations with him because Moon Das likes his Money not him.As Avinash loved her truely he shocked.So he planned to kill her.But when he reached at her home,she was not there and unfortunately Moon Das have to loose her Mother and Uncle and after that Avinash done Suicide.
Moon Das was mad for mad and for this she had to loose her Mom and Uncle.And now she is staying alone in Mumbai,she do not matter what happened continuing her life to earn more Money.

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